We know that the cost of course materials is an ongoing pain point for all educational segments. At Copia, we have listened to our customers and are pleased to offer the following options to easily do business with us.

  • Inclusive Access Program: A win for students and educators as students are ready with course materials on the first day of class. It’s also a win for content creators as they sell greater volume.
  • Course-Based Marketplace: Instructors map content to courses so students can easily purchase using e-commerce. With more educators and students accessing Copia via an institution’s LMS, students needs the ability to easily pay for course content. Educators make a one-time selection that automatically pulls required content into the student’s library. The students see which content is required vs. optional and purchase the titles they want to buy.
  • Enterprise License Manager: Institutions purchase and distribute digital content licenses, which allows for efficiency and transparency into course material utilization. For institutions that prefer to purchase directly from us, we have a state-of-the-art tool, which makes it easy for administrators to manage content licenses.

Your course. Your way. Copia is the solution for changing market needs.