Thriving collaboration will make Copia Class features available to hundreds of additional classes

The Auburn University Bookstore and Copia Interactive, LLC, a leading provider of digital learning materials customizable to student and faculty requirements, are significantly expanding the number of All Access courses at Auburn University that will be delivered through the Copia Class platform. Inclusive Access programs such as Auburn University’s All Access Program improve student engagement and outcomes by making course materials more accessible and affordable. Copia’s proprietary Copia Class platform embeds a suite of interactive tools into the course materials that faculty and students use to further increase student engagement and improve academic results.

During the Fall 2018 semester, the Auburn University Bookstore delivered course materials through the Copia Class platform for 26 separate All Access courses to over 2,100 students. For the Spring 2019 semester, thanks to exemplary feedback from students and faculty, the Auburn University Bookstore is expanding its collaboration with Copia and will deliver 34 All Access courses with over 3,330 enrollment through the Copia Class platform.

In the Auburn University All Access program, Auburn’s renowned faculty use Copia Class to increase student success. The Copia Class platform promotes increased student engagement with course materials seamlessly within a school’s learning management system (LMS). In addition, Copia Class enables faculty to monitor student progress and more deeply engage with students. As one Auburn University professor noted:

“I found Copia much easier than others. I have not had any complaints from my students, and I think my whole class decided to opt-in this semester. I didn’t have any trouble adding the book to my course, where in the past I’ve had to get help. Copia is a ‘go’ for me.”

Key features in the interactive Copia Class platform include public and private notations; the ability to add video, interactives, assessments, and other customized features to course materials from leading publishers, OER providers, and local content; an integrated notebook that allows for review across all course materials; and tools for real-time interaction between and among students and instructors. Furthermore, Copia’s customizable Inclusive Access module includes a suite of features to make it easier for bookstore personnel to manage, deliver, and assess the impact of inclusive access programs across a variety of metrics.

Ben Lowinger, Executive Vice President & Founder of Copia said:

“Auburn University remains at the forefront of the growing Inclusive Access movement. In light of our joint success in 2018, Copia is thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Auburn and continue providing unique Inclusive Access programs that will give thousands of students a cost-effective way to hit the ground running with all the digital content necessary for success.”

About Auburn University Bookstore

The Auburn University Bookstore, located in Haley Center, is a full-service college store dedicated to serving the Auburn campus community. Our mission is to support student success, promote the Auburn Spirit and provide a welcoming destination for all.

Auburn University is a nationally ranked land grant institution recognized for its commitment to world-class scholarship, interdisciplinary research and an undergraduate education experience second to none. Auburn is home to more than 29,000 students, and its faculty and research partners collaborate to develop and deliver meaningful scholarship, science and technology-based advancements that meet pressing regional, national and global needs. Auburn’s commitment to active student engagement, professional success and public/private partnership drives a growing reputation for outreach and extension that delivers broad economic, health and societal impact. Auburn’s mission to educate, discover and collaborate drives its expanding impact on the world.

About Copia Interactive, LLC

New York, NY – Copia develops digital learning platforms that facilitate collaboration between students and educators and engagement with best-in-class course materials from leading publishers and content creators. Follow Copia on Twitter @CopiaClass.


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