An expansive content catalog, interactive digital platform, and tailored services are the pillars of the COPIA CLASS™️ experience.

High-Quality Content

Choose instructional materials from a range of publisher, OER, and local sources that align to your learning outcomes, local standards, and certification requirements.

Read Better Together™

Bring the margins to the center: use Copia’s patented note-taking and messaging tools to embed discussion prompts in the margins of your eText’s to highlight critical ideas and provide targeted student feedback.

The Student Perspective

As the semester progresses, the Copia Notebook becomes a window into student participation and progress. This makes thinking visible, and gives students a place to create personalized review sheets that are accessible and easily aggregated. Learn Better Together™.

A Customized Experience

With Copia’s ClassPack, you can assemble course content, deliver formative assessments, and integrate digital tools into dynamic lessons.

Real Metrics = Real Results

Copia’s assessment engine generates actionable metrics for both struggling and accelerated students, which opens the potential for differentiated learning or tiered instruction. Work with all students, encourage meaningful participation, and achieve demonstrable learning outcomes.

Flexible Options to Purchase Content

Copia recently introduced programs that expand the options for content acquisition.These offerings were implemented to meet the ever-changing customer fulfillment landscape.

  • Inclusive Access: students can seamlessly access content materials on Day 1, but can also easily opt-out.
  • Course-Based Marketplace: instructors map content to courses so that students can purchase content via classic e-commerce checkout.
  • Enterprise License Manager: institutions purchase and distribute digital content licenses and increase their efficiency and transparency.

Your LMS’ Best Friend

COPIA CLASS’ platform integrates seamlessly with any LTI-compliant learning management systems, so there’s no need to remember another password!