COPIA CLASS™️ offers learners and educators a collaborative, engaging platform, regardless of instructional level or academic environment. Read on for more information specific to your needs.


Higher Ed

Career & Tech



Curate. Deliver. Engage.

Enhance your classroom with vibrant learning that doesn’t sacrifice standards or objectives. Copia helps teachers do what they do best… TEACH and ENGAGE students.

Interested in delivering world-class content to your classroom? Use COPIA CLASS™️ to:

  • Customize your lessons
  • Enliven your instruction
  • Keep up with student progress

Content License Management

Copia’s simple online dashboard allows you to purchase, distribute, and track content licenses across an entire district or for specific schools. This way, you can always cost-effectively distribute content. Copia can work with you to maximize your materials spending, instructional budget, or professional development costs.

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Curate. Deliver. Engage.

Foster meaningful learning that aligns instructional materials to course syllabi. Copia helps instructors do what they do best… TEACH and ENGAGE students.

Looking for ways to boost engagement and performance? Use COPIA CLASS™️ to:

  • Simplify every instructional experience by aligning instructional content to course syllabi
  • Deliver individualized instruction with Copia’s patented in-context notes
  • Gather real-time, actionable assessment data
  • Integrate with all LTI-compliant LMS’s

COPIA CLASS + Blackboard Learn…a customer success story. Click to learn more. 

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Curate. Deliver. Engage.

Kickstart students’ careers by helping them fine-tune critical skills and preparing them for industry certification exams. Copia helps educators do what they do best…TEACH and ENGAGE students.

Competency-based resources for almost every field—from tech and tourism to marketing and personal finance, use COPIA CLASS™️ to:

  • Deliver competency, skill, or career-focused content from leading publishers, OER providers and local sources
  • Ensure students are prepared for certification exams with Copia’s patented in-context notes and assessments
  • Gather actionable data to guide each student from skill-building to skill-mastery
  • Integrate with any LTI-compatible LMS

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Curate. Deliver. Engage.

Transform your proprietary training materials into eContent for next-gen employee education. Copia helps training teams deliver their content to effectively TEACH and ENGAGE learners.

Interested in a uniform digital training experience? With COPIA CLASS™️ you’ll:

  • Elevate your unique content inside an employee-friendly platform
  • Ensure subject retention with Copia’s patented in-context notes
  • Easily guide trainings and help increase workplace effectiveness

Looking to feature your brand? Copia will customize our platform to let your brand shine through.

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