We all consume personalized content throughout our daily lives. Everyone reads their favorite magazine, checks websites, or streams their favorite TV shows on demand.  The digital learning experience should be no different. As content becomes more flexible, mobile, and affordable, instructors and students can take full advantage of what “platform-enabled” content can unlock—a teaching and learning experience which is more personalized, engaging, accessible, and impactful than ever before.
We know that the cost of higher education (not only the institution itself, but the materials students use in class, not to mention their “extra” expenses) is skyrocketing. We are driven by the needs of these students and work closely with our content providers to make the content affordable for all. An eText should not be thought of as a commodity. It should be the trusted foundation, supported by technology toward improving outcomes. Instructors most often want to exhibit their own choices of what content to use and how to obtain that content. Working with a company like Copia allows them to preserve this autonomy, while giving students a cost-effective, highly-engaging digital solution and one that they can use across multiple courses, saving them time when they only need to learn one learning platform.
Our platform allows users to access content for their courses from many different sources. Your course. Your way. We look forward to speaking with you about how to get this content to your students!