At Copia, we strive for a great relationships with all of our partners. Those we have with educational publishers are some of the most important we have. Our publisher partnerships allow us to serve up content from many different sources across different disciplines and subject areas. This versatility benefits our collaborative efforts with instructors allowing them them to tailor the content to their course objectives, create engagement within the content, and positively impact student engagement and concept retention. What’s valuable to customers is having the ability to choose their content fully utilizing their academic freedom to choose from various publishers or even multiple publishers for the same course. A platform which is publisher-agnostic, like Copia, allows for a streamlined student and instructor experience, eliminating any switching between systems. Simplicity is key!

A solid partnership also strives for common goals. We hear new “buzz” every day about the high cost of education and educational materials. Studies show that on average, two-thirds of students can not afford to buy textbooks and other related course materials. We take this into account when working with our publisher partners to ensure we are able to offer students purchase options, that are budget conscious. Accessing material in a platform like Copia, allows students to purchase the required course materials to retain the critical content covered in class.

If you’d like to learn more about how Copia can be a good content partner with you, please complete the Contact form and we’ll be in touch!

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” ~Bill Gates