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Copia was formed to make the teaching and learning experience more “today.” Through our effective use of technology, our eText platform brings students and faculty together.

We know today’s students are nose-deep in their phones, tablets, and laptops. They’re used to a “right now” and “gotta have it” mentality. They’re learning differently than past generations. They want to ask questions and get answers immediately. COPIA CLASS™️ does just this.

Educators want to engage students in the content and what’s being taught in class. They want students to want to learn and to remember the material. They want to include content from multiple sources to keep courses current, updated, and relevant.. Essentially, they want a solution that brings their syllabus to life. COPIA CLASS does just this.

Our team shares these same visions for learning and teaching. It drives what we do and how we do it.


Throughout the fall and into the spring, Copia sales and content staff can be found on the national stage at events like Blackboard World, Canvas InstructureCon, the Educause Annual Conference, Online Learning Consortium, and other industry meetings, spreading the word about Copia’s innovative platform and multiple business models.

Where to find us in 2019:

  • Blackboard Sales Kickoff (15-17 Jan 2019; San Diego)
  • ICBA 2019 (13-15 Feb 2019; Jacksonville)
  • League for Innovation (24-27 Feb; NYC)
  • OLC Innovate (3-5 April; Denver)
  • Textbook Affordability Conference / NACS (14-16 April; Minneapolis)
  • Blackboard World (23-25 July; Austin)
  • WCET Annual Meeting (5-7 Nov; Denver)
  • OLC Accelerate (20-22 Nov; Orlando)

Copia at Blackboard World

Copia at Canvas InstructureCon

Copia at Educause

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