As a parent of two college students, it’s easy to understand the challenges of “fronting” the money for course materials at the start of every semester. From extensive research from institutions directly, as well as folks at NACS ( the dollars vary from $600 per semester (a number many admissions folks quote) to $250, which obviously vary by major, by class, etc. The point is, course materials are expensive. Looking at course retention rates and class success (passing with an A, B, or C) rates, students who are able to get in and start working in their course materials from Day one, far exceed those who delay purchasing materials or not purchase them at all. So, how can we help… by offering Inclusive Access programs. By working with an institution and a publisher/author, it’s the “economies of scale” that not only reduce costs, but also include these materials with the students bursar bill. The details and “how to” vary by school, but for all-digital content, the cost is added to the student bill, and the student simply logs into their campus LMS, finds their instructors course and “voila!” their required materials (often an eText and/or homework solution) are right there for them. Cost savings, access on day one, and in the environment the student is already used to is making these programs a revolutionary change to the way we bought books “in my day.”