Effective partnerships in business are typically an integral part of that company’s success. Partnerships could range from technology infrastructure partners to funding partners and everything in between. Copia’s partners are on the forefront of our product development and product deployment.

Our technology partners ensure that a campus who uses a learning management system can easily integrate our powerful eText platform into their workflows. Instructors can include a link to their Copia Class content, right from within the environment they’re used to working in. They typically also see their grades, syllabus, extra resources, helpful links and more. We want to “be where the students are” and our partners in technology help us do that.

Our content partners allow us to distribute class content to ensure one common reading and learning experience for our users. Instructors will always have the flexibility to choose whatever course content is best for them: regardless of publisher or subject area. So if you’re a history teacher and want to bring an eText experience for your students, you can choose the text you want. Our publisher partners allow us to put their content into our platform so students can see it.

As business evolves and the needs of today’s students and instructors/teachers change, we want to be there as well. Our valuable partnerships allow us to continue to develop, refine, and deliver a cost-effective and technology-savvy learning solution that learners want to use!