Engaging for students yet simple for teachers and administrators

Encourage collaboration alongside the content to meet course learning objectives and measure student progress.

Benefits title geared to K-12 educators

All grades, all subjects

Copia offers a wide range of high quality content from a variety of sources such as commercial, OER, and locally-created materials to span the entire curriculum.

Making Content Dynamic

Giving educators the power to organize instructional content by adding video, web links and interactives in the “just right” place to make the content come alive.

Monitor success

The ability to embed formative assessments throughout the content results in just-in-time actionable data enabling educators to gain insight into student learning and differentiate accordingly.

Offer the digital tools today’s students need.

Need an infographic about how traditional content has transitioned /is transitioning to digital

54% of students say they are more actively involved in courses that use technology (Source).

Inspire engagement, see results.


70% of students say they learn most in blended learning environments that combine traditional and digital instruction. (Source)

Our services make sure Copia is integrated quickly and efficiently and up to the standards

Professional development

I need to know more about what this is to describe it here but it should only be a maximum of three lines.

Instructional design

We seamlessly integrate with student information systems (SIS) through our strong partnerships with leading SIS providers. We work closely with school faculty to deliver exceptional training that helps everyone master the system quickly.

Standards mapping

It’s easy for educators and school systems to find content that aligns with their local learning standards. Every resource in the platform conforms to the nuances of statewide requirements and/or local expectations.