Professional development

Copia Class preserves the best of what educators do every day, while utilizing the methods new technologies and tools afford us.

Copia believes that good teaching is at the heart of learning

Copia Class was built incorporating this philosophy. Our Professional Development service provides guidance in the use of Copia Class, instruction into how to utilize the tool suite, and most importantly, how to interpret the related reports and take corrective measures.

Systemic improvement in any environment requires an on-going effort to foster changes in behaviors, approaches and philosophies. In education, Implementation of technology applications brings with it the benefits of automation and related time saving, but it also involves using some new approaches to traditional teaching methods. Such change usually requires periodic support and coaching.

Training- the way you need it.


Our flexible approach to professional development allows us to customize the training to meet both the instructional experience and technology comfort level of the educators as well as the instructional objectives of the institution.

Instructional guidance

Help educators maximize the benefits of Copia Class by teaching best practices using Class Pack™, notebooks, assessments, communications tools and more

Data analytics

Assisting educators new to technology understand the data analytics, and approaches to modifying instruction to ensure student learning gains

Differentiated instruction

Strategies to support differentiated instruction, delivered to a single educator, or Professional Learning Network

Delivery formats

Training can be delivered via recorded video, live webinars, full day instructional events, and any combinations of those activities.

Our staff will work with you to plan the professional development delivery configuration that meets your unique needs.

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