Make Thinking Visible

Our expansive content catalog, interactive digital platform, and tailored services are the pillars of the Copia Class experience.

High-Quality Content

Choose instructional materials from a range of publisher, OER, and local content that align to learning outcomes, local standards, or certification requirements.


Real-Time Collaboration

Use Copia’s patented note-taking and messaging tools to provide students with targeted feedback and direction. Further enrich each lesson by embedding discussion prompts in your eText margins–bring the margins to the center.

The Student Perspective

With time, the Copia Notebook becomes a window into participation and progress. Make student thinking visible and give them a place to create personalized review sheets, aggregated for easy access.


A Customized Experience

With Copia’s ClassPack, assemble course content, deliver formative assessments, and integrate digital tools into dynamic lessons.

Real Metrics = Real Results

Copia’s assessment engine generates actionable metrics—for struggling and accelerated students—to help you differentiate instruction. Work with all students to support meaningful participation and achieve measurable learning outcomes.

Manage All Content Licenses in One Place

Purchase content licenses in bulk from a single location and distribute centrally via our state-of-the-art digital learning platform.

Your LMS’ Best Friend

Our Copia Class platform integrates seamlessly with any LTI-compliant learning management system so there’s no need to remember another password!