A New Chapter
in Learning

Blending content and curriculum to create an engaging solution that redefines content engagement and student learning.


Leverage your curriculum framework to provide quality instruction and imbue your classroom with vibrant learning.

Career Ed

Kickstart students’ careers by helping them fine-tune critical skills and prep for certification exams.

Higher Ed

Foster meaningful learning that aligns instructional materials to course syllabi.


Transform your proprietary training materials into e-content for next-gen employee education.

You Know Your Courses and Your Students Best

Use Copia’s curated content catalog to increase collaboration and engagement, helping you imagine your course in a new way. This ensures a streamlined learning experience that is available standalone or integrated into your learning management system. Take advantage of flexible purchasing options: Inclusive Access, traditional eCommerce or Enterprise License Management.


Curate publisher, OER, and local content to easily design an engaging curriculum aligned to your objectives.


Deliver course content that’s accessible online or offline, whether LMS-integrated or stand-alone.


Engage with content using Copia Class’ patented real-time collaboration tools, which encourage creative and meaningful in-text discussion.


Looking for content customization? In need of Professional Development? Interested in augmenting your course outline?

Our staff will work with you to plan the curriculum that meets your unique needs.

We’ll assemble all the content you need, add formative assessments and digital resources, to create an integrated online instructional plan that aligns to any curriculum framework.


Through our strategic  partnerships with the industry’s leading publishers, OER providers, and learning management systems, COPIA CLASS™️ offers world-class educational content in an easy-to-use, cloud-based reading platform.


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