The Power of Copia Class

Core Content & Course Materials Core Content & Course Materials

Core Content & Course Materials

Access a broad range of best-in-class content from leading publishers and content providers, which all comes together inside of Copia’s Class PackTM lesson building tool.

Engagement & CollaborationEngagement & Collaboration

Engagement & Collaboration

In-depth discussions and feedback within the content itself fosters a dynamic learning environment.

Differentiation & PersonalizationDifferentiation & Personalization

Differentiation & Personalization

Educators can easily find and deliver content and customize materials to address specific learning needs.

Accessibility & PortabilityAccessibility & Portability

Accessibility & Portability

Online/offline access to content, notes, and collaboration tools ensures that educators and students can engage with the learning material from multiple access points.


Core Content & Course Materials

Access the Right Content from the Best Providers

Copia Class provides access to robust core content and supplementary materials — all in one place. We partner with the best publishers and content providers to offer a broad range of world-class content and curricula. It's easy for educators to find and seamlessly integrate multi-format learning materials, including:

  • Textbook chapters
  • Multimedia
  • Videos
  • HTML/Web resources
  • Assessments 

engagement & collaboration

In-depth Dialogue, Inside the Content

Copia Class makes it possible for educators to provide real-time direction and customized feedback for students — directly embedded within the course content. Students can also make their own notes within the content to use as a private notebook, study tool, or to share with others for group projects and peer-to-peer collaboration.

differentiation & personalization

A Tailored educational experience

Copia Class provides a convenient platform to access an array of content for remedial support as well as for advanced learners. This means it's easy for educators to group students according to their skill levels or learning styles and provide tailored content based on their needs. Students can then progress through their curriculum at their own pace.

accessibility & portability

Easy Access, Online or Offline

Our cloud-based solution makes it possible for students and educators to stay connected to the learning environment both online and offline — from multiple access points. For instance, a student could access Copia with her tablet in class, take notes, and then access everything at home on her personal laptop or mobile device.


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